What exactly are the Microsoft Outlook PII errors?

Microsoft Outlook is, by all means, one of the best mail applications for official usages. It comes along with tons of features in an intuitive user interface that everyone likes. But, like any other software, it is not perfect in every sense as errors are quite possible and they can mess with your experience as well.

One of such errors is PII (Personally Identifiable Information) error.  If you often open your outlook application with some random network, you must have come across this error on your screen. Well, if you are in the quest of finding out about this error in Outlook, you are in the right space. Here, we are about to crack all the reasons behind this error. So, let’s dig deeper!

What is a Microsoft Outlook PII error?

As the name suggests, PII is basically the data used to identify an individual over others. It may refer to a phone number, pin code, email address, social security number, or IP address as well. 

This error often pops up when some other task interrupts or interferes with the standard ongoing task in the software. Some of such interruptions that may cause PII errors include

  • Multiple requests due to the presence of multiple outlook account in a device
  • Old/outdated cache memory 
  • Using MS Outlook software continuously with a lot of cache memory
  • Using a corrupted or malicious software 
  • Using the cracked or mod version instead of the standard application 
  • An error in the Microsoft Outlook setup
  • SMTP server conflict

Ways to fix PII errors in Outlook

There are several PII errors that you might come across, and each of them has several ways to fix. But, the common ways using which you solve most of the PII errors are 

  1. Remove all other accounts

The first and foremost way you should try to resolve this PII error is to remove other accounts except yours. You can do it by going into the accounts section where you can find the remove option readily available in the outlook application.

Removal of multiple accounts makes the request clear to the server with no interference and may resolve PII errors.

  1. Clear cache data and cookies 

Being a mail application, Outlook collects a lot of information in the database including the broken, unwanted, or useless data packages. So. If you keep those cache data for a long time, chances are this cache memory comes along your way to have a flawless mailing experience.

  1. Reinstall the Microsoft outlook

Sometimes, PII errors occur when the setup is not completed properly, so you can try reinstalling the application again.  This ensures all your data is fresh and starts from the standard requests for flawless performance.

  1. Try the web-based service

If the application is not working on your device, try the PC version of Outlook which comes with instant update support. This will probably keep your Outlook away from all the PII errors and the interferences causing due to several factors.

If any of these techniques won’t work to resolve your PII error issue, the Microsoft contact team is always ready to resolve your query in all ways possible.

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