Top Growth Experiments To Increase Instagram Followers Organically!!

Instagram has over 500 million active users, and the numbers are increasing day by day. It is a social platform where people access amazing videos and photos produced by influencers, friends, and brands. Moreover, many businesses begin to rely on Instagram to advertise their product because users are 20 times more likely to engage with content produced by the brand than other social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. 

Since Instagram has developed over the past few years or so, making it challenging for users and businesses to boost their Instagram followers. At the same time, it offers an excellent platform for dominating the potential market and building a great community. To enjoy the full potential of Instagram, you need to experiment with some of the tactics to potentially capture your target audience’s attention. 

Therefore, you should try the below-mentioned growth experiments that will increase your real Instagram followers and help you build a great community. So, without further ado, let us talk about those growth experiments. 

  • Repost Instagram Content To Facebook 

Recent studies have shown that over 1 billion posts on Facebook are from over 2 million brand pages reposted on the Facebook network through the Instagram end. Thus, it helps in receiving more engagement as compared to natively published images. Facebook users who have not followed you on your Instagram may know about your brand on Instagram and click that follow button. Hence, it will increase your Instagram follower organically who genuinely care about your content and stay connected to see more of your content. 

  • Exploit Hashtags 

Nowadays, hashtags have become a consistent way to categorize the content on various social media. Moreover, relevant hashtags enable Instagrammers to explore multiple contents and follow accounts. It has also been seen that posts with relevant hashtags get more engagement. 

If you are going to promote your brand, you should use the brand-specific hashtag to target your potential audience and improve the engagement level. Moreover, Instagram allows you to add 30 hashtags to your single post, so you need to experiment and bring out the best hashtag that has improved your post’s performance. You can measure this with the help of the analytic tool provided the Instagram. 

  • Uses Faces In Instagram Content To Boost Engagement 

A study showed that pictures with faces get more engagement level as users more indulge in admiring the photos or learning something. It’s human psychology that people are more attracted to faces instead of text posts. Moreover, many people click elite photographs, which gets more engagement as compared to pictures with simple text on them.

If you want to increase your follower reali instagramyou have to generate content that features a face, whether it is showcasing your brand or providing vital information about your brand. It will drive 40% more likes and 35% more comments. 

Hence it would be better for you to experiment with those growth tactics and see what wonders it can bring to your Instagram profile. 

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