Judaism – 10 Things You Did Not Know About

Judaism is one of those religions of the world which is followed by many people across the globe. It speaks about the philosophy about how Jewish people should lead their life. There are many things related to this religion which are still unknown to many. We are going to share with you a few of the interesting things about Judaism which you will love to know.

The number 9 in the bible is often associated with divine plan, finality and full cycle. Jesus dies at 3 pm which means the end of their journey. Even if holy spirit has ended its work on earth, their presence will still continue to be felt everyday in different forms.

1.    Judaism does not mean just being Jewish: It is one of the spiritual and ethical technologies which supports human to become a good person. Starting from the beginning, the Bible will speak about the stories of very first humans, named Adam and Eve.  They were not people of the Jewish religion. They used to be very simple people who made an effort to lead a good life in this world. This is what Judaism speaks about.

2.    Becoming a Jewish is not important to achieve heaven: People who consider after-life important, even the ones following ancient as well as traditional understandings of the religion of Judaism believe that people who used to live ethical lives, in whatever traditional form they follow, will remain “close to God”. There is no need to become a Jew to achieve heaven.

3.    Hebrews, Jews, and Israelites are one and same: Abraham, who used to be the father of the people of Jewish origin, was a Hebrew. His had a grandson named Jacob who was later renamed Israel by God, and he had his own children who were known to be the Children of Israel. Afterward, the descendants of the tribe of Judah, King David, ruled over the Israelites who used to stay on the Land of Israel.  The residents of this land from then onwards became Yehudim (Jews). In short, all three are the same and used interchangeably, based on origin time and place.

4.    Kosher Mezuzah with scroll: mezuzah means doorpost. Among the mainstream Rabbinic Judaism, you will find a mezuzah which is fixed with the doorpost of almost all Jewish homes for the fulfillment of the mitzvah.  It instructs for writing the words of God right on the gates as well as doorposts their house. The verses which are scripted on the doorpost begins with “Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One, and thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might”

5.    The learned Jews are called Rabbis: Rabbi is a Hebrew word which means “master” or “teacher,” So rabbi stands for taught Jew who takes up the responsibility to provide guidance to other Jews who are studying Torah, Engaged in mitzvah observance, and also service of God. The rabbi follows the traditions as well as principles stated in Judaism which he received from people who arrived before him.

6.    A Jewish woman is recognized as king: Judaism turned out to be a tradition which passes down from one generation to the other. It is believed that the Jewish woman acts as the artery via which Judaism gets transmitted. When God made the communication of the Torah at Sinai, the first person with whom he spoke was a woman.

7.    Shabbat: the gift for Jews from God: It common now in maximum Western countries where people deserve the right to get a break from their work during weekends. The original of this concept is deep down the roots of Jewish people hood. Just after Exodus from Egypt, it was God who instructed people to go for a day off from all creative work. Popular as Shabbat, the off day remains dedicated for prayer services, to take rest and to enjoy grand meals with friends, and family. As per the Shabbat concept, God is the one who created the world to work for six days and to take rest on day seventh.

8.    The People of Jewish origin began their life as Slaves:  The Jewish People Began as Slaves. When you start reading the book of Exodus you will get to learn how the people of Jewish origin began their lives as slaves in Egypt until and unless they were being freed by God.

9.    There is no one called Jewish Pope: It is very interesting to know that there is no single spiritual authority for Jews. It is believed that each and every Jew is equal to spiritually. Judaism is the religion which never designates anyone to become a spiritual leader. Judaism believes that no one remains anymore “Jewish” than any other else.

10.    Salvation: Jewish people are not inclined towards salvation just the way people of Christian religion do. The main concern does proper conduct during their life and then handover the next life, in the hands of God

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