How Does CBD Oil Help Treat Dogs Suffering from Cancer?

In 2020, 69% of pets in the U.S. were dogs. The love for man’s best buddy is so profound that pet owners will try everything to keep their pet healthy and happy. It includes using CBD oil for your canine friend.

Dogs are as prone to cancer as humans, with about half the dogs over the age of 10 developing cancer. The cell proliferation caused by cancer can make the dog experience high levels of pain, and researchers are bent upon finding safe ways to alleviate this pain. 

CBD oil for cancer in dogs is being tested extensively to help improve the quality of the pet’s life, and here is how it allows mutts with cancer.

Reduces Pain and Inflammation

Cancer can result in chronic pain and inflammation among dogs and can make them moody and dull. The pain can be due to inflammation and a result of cancer treatment, and CBD oil is known to help in pain management as it does in humans.

You may wonder why use CDB when there are other pain-relieving medications out there. The issue is that they can also have side effects such as dependency issues or damage to kidneys and liver. CBD is known to have limited side effects like dry mouth, low blood pressure, and drowsiness. They stop as soon as you stop their CBD intake.

Improve Quality of Life

Cancer treatments can have adverse side effects such as nausea and loss of appetite, and these can make them lose weight and become listless or sluggish. Few studies found that CBD oil helps relieve the intensity of nausea and improve appetite. When the canine eats well, they are likely to recover quicker.

Hampers Tumor Growth

When used along with radiation therapy and chemotherapy, CBD oil can help hamper the growth of tumors. A study found that the survival rate among rats tripled when they were given CBD along with other cancer treatments.

Obstructing cancerous cell growth by triggering infected cell suicide can help stop tumor growth and shrink it. What’s more, CBD oil for cancer in dogs can also significantly reduce the side effects, such as nausea and loss of sleep, of these treatments.

Improves Sleep Cycles

Loss of appetite can result in the dog being sluggish and unable to sleep as usual. Irregular sleep patterns will further cause the pet to skip meals, and thus the downward spiral continues. Intervention using CBD oil can help break this cycle and help improve the sleep cycles of the pet. The more the dog rests, the better they feel, and their appetite improves. The result is an upward spiral in their health.

Easy to Administer

CBD oil for dogs comes in tinctures that can be mixed in dog food to disguise the slightly grassy taste. This helps administer the desired dose easily without worrying about the dog spitting it out.

Non-Psychoactive Effects

Cannabis usually rings warning bells in most minds, but you can be assured of the non-psychoactive effects of CBD oil for dogs. The oil has less than 0.3% THC, the high-giving agent. Therefore, you can rest assured that your dog will not experience a high the moment you give it a dose of CBD oil. Read the label before you buy.

CBD is known to be very beneficial in cancer treatments among dogs. Apart from reducing the side effects of these treatments, CBD oil for cancer in dogs is also known to give benefits such as improved sleep and appetite. Therefore, CBD should be considered as a supplement to cancer treatments among dogs. First-time users, make sure you start with a small dose, about 1 mg per ten pounds of the dog’s weight.

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